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I thought that I could clear the blockage myself. Then the floor was flooded and I had made the problem worse.

The drains contractors was like an angel descending to quickly clear that drain blockage before the rain returned.

Deal with blocked drains quickly

You must deal with blocked drains quickly to look after your health and protect that of your family.

Sewerage or Waste Water?

A plumber should be phoned straightaway if sewerage is backing up into your toilets or waste water is coming back into your bath tubs or showers. Waste drainage is contaminated with microbes, therefore it should be removed and the offending blocked drains and piping be fixed without a delay to avoid a double occurrence.

Dilute a cup of bleaching agent with 5 gallons of water and start sanitising the toilet, this can be carried out before the plumbers come in. Make sure that young kids and elder family members stay away from the sewerage leakage, and put on long trousers, waterproof gloves and sturdy water resistant boots. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap when you have finished the waste pipes clean up, you may be carrying microbes on your hands and these could transfer throughout the house if not washed thoroughly. Whilst you are waiting for the plumber you can help keep more sewage from backing up into your home by limiting the amount of water going down the drain.

Blocked Drainage – the lesser problem

The cause of the problem might be a plugged waste line or a hair / soap blockage between the toilet and the shower. The causes can be many as there is more than water that goes down a drain. Understand that the bottom line is that you need to careful during such a situation, your well being is at stake here as well as dealing with the immediate water overflow.

Sewage exposure can cause a number of symptoms like fever with chills, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. Seek medical attention right away if you experience any of these symptoms, they will only get worse and lead to complications without professional treatment.

With a mixture of one cup of bleaching agent to five gallons of water you should clean any items and surfaces that have been polluted by sewage. Contaminated food items should be thrown away immediately, also throw those items that cannot be cleaned like mattresses, baby toys, stuffed animals etc.

If the drainage back flow is in the shower area then you will be dealing with dirty water not sewage. Try using a snake, a plumbers snake to clear the drainage pipe blockage. plumbers_snakeFor the best results you should use a one quarter inch snake that is 8 yards in length. It will move more easily through the grain pipe and be sufficiently long to reach the most remote of blockages. Sometimes a toilet in the bathroom is quite clear while the shower in the same area has gotten clogged. This can occur because the toilet trap sits more or less six inches above the floor, while a shower drain is normally placed at the flooring level so the run off gradient is much less.

Call a professional plumber or sewer contractor if you are unable to clear the blocked drains back up yourself. A plumber will not only be able to clean up the mess that the leaked sewage created for you but also locate where the blockage is. Unless you know what you are doing when you try to do your own plumbing repairs, it is generally wise to let the professionals handle it to begin with.

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Blocked Drains pipes – What a Nuisance!.

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Blocked Drains pipes – What a Nuisance they can be.

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced being in the shower with the water level rising rapidly as it fails to drain out of the shower tray through the drainage pipe. Is there anything as inconvenient and messy as a blocked drains pipe!. Perhaps not in the shower but you are hurriedly brushing your teeth, and before you can even blink your eyes, the bathroom sink is brimming over with water!

Nobody likes to deal with clogged drains because they are a real hassle and they give an impression of being unsanitary (because they are). But the fact is that sooner or later, a bathroom drain pipe is going to become plugged or suffer a blockage. The preferred approach is to prepare ahead of time for such a predicament by educating oneself on how to fix bathroom drainage when the drain pipe pipes become plugged. When a problem occurs time is not on your side and the better you have prepared in advanced the more quickly you will be able to deal with the problem.

Why does drainage get clogged?.

Hair, dust and other particles getting stuck in the pipes are the main cause. The problem is further exacerbated when household products such as soaps, detergents, shampoos and conditioners and others are allowed to build up on the growing accumulation of debris. Soap particles bind the blockage together. Finally the accumulation becomes too thick to allow any water to pass through and it is then that the drainage get completely obstructed, you suffer from blocked drains. If the water has started building up quickly in your bath tub or sink, then act without delay and unclog the drain.

Clear Up Your blocked drains fast.

You can do a number of things to unblock your bath or bathroom sink drainpipe. The first thing you will have to do is take out the plug stopper from the sink or drain. With a bathroom sink this can be as easy as pulling it right out or as complicated a problem as looking under the sink and removing the nut that holds it in place. Some sinks and baths employ a hinged mechanism to open and close the drainage hole. For a bath you may be able to simply take out the rubber plug, otherwise you might have to take off the overflow plate in order to get at the assembly.

drains_snakeOnce you remove the plug, you may then be able to see the source of the blockage. Whilst messy, it is nothing, but a mound of hair and fragments around the debris from the bathroom drain. Reach down with your fingers or a metal hook into the pipe and pull out as much as possible. If the mass is located in a region, where it is difficult for you to grasp it and pull it out, then use a wire clothes hanger to dig into the clump and pull it back through the drain pipe.

Tips for home owners.
  • Do not pour hot fatty liquids into the drains pipe as they could solidify while touching cold water.
  • Decant a measure of baking soda into your bathroom sink drain pipe and follow up with some vinegar. Insert the kitchen sink stopper.
  • Use tweezers to remove hair visible in a bath drain.
  • If in case you have an obstructed drain a plunger must be the very first thing you try.

Removing the hair, detergent residues and the rest of the material will usually solve your problem.

In a case of deeper clogging, your hand or hooked wire may not do the trick – you may have to try the next step. A drain plunger can help you get rid of blockages that are too deep down to reach by inserting your hand into the blocked drains. These work on a vacuum principle so to begin with, you should plug the overflow drainpipe to make sure that the plunger has optimum suction. Now put the plunger over the drain and move it up and down continuously at an even pace. When you finally release the plunger, any trapped water should immediately be drained if you have managed to dislodge the blockage.

Unfortunately, even the plunger may not clear the most dense and hardened matter inside your plumbing – that’s when you will have to deploy a chemical drainpipe clearing product. Chemicals used in these cleaners are deadly and are to be used only when all else fails as they can affect your sanitary fixtures and pose a health hazard. If spilled on your skin they can burn you

Call a professional plumber if all else fails.

If all the do-it-yourself methods fail to unblock your drain, then call a plumber experienced in drainage work to clear your blocked drains. Plumbers are equipped with tools that can remove blockages with great speed and efficiency. Calling in a plumber does cost money, but you can then rest assured that your drains are completely cleared and will not hassle you in the near future, a good plumber will also clean up any mess created as a bonus.

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How to overcome blocked drains

Amongst the worst kinds of household emergencies are the ones related to blocked drains. It is obvious that most drains emergencies occur without prior warning. However, the most unpleasant aspects of blocked drains are that they can cause nasty odours, flooding and loss of power in the home. If you are a business that is impacted the disruption can result in loss of customer and staff goodwill with the associated lost productivity and sales revenue.

Listed below are some easy methods to avoid drainage blocks that are caused due to structural defects in the drainage system or foreign objects.

Keep a habit of removing any trapped hairs from the drain plug immediately.

Small objects such as combs, medicine bottles and toilet rolls should be kept away from places where there is a high probability of them falling into the toilet.

You can use a disinfectant to flush your wash basin and shower pipework so that no soap residue gets stuck in them.

Do not put away baby’s nappies, commercial wrappings, sanitary towels or similar large items down the drainpipe; they will give you blocked drains.

It is a good idea to compost food waste rather than discarding it in the kitchen sink.

drains_plungerIf any items do fall into the sink pull the item out of the plug hole, do not try to poke through as you could impact the blockage making it harder to remove.

Disposing of cooking fats down the kitchen sink should never be done as the fats can solidify when they come in contact with cold water. In case you have no other choice make sure to dilute fats using emulsifiers ,hot water and detergents, before disposing down the drain. Run the hot water for a while after this, so that the the oil is completely flushed out and the pipes remain clear.

Carrying out regular maintenance considerably reduces the possibilities of drainage blocks and blocked drains should be a problem that someone else experiences.

The gutters and rain downpipes of house roofs should be inspected at least every six months. Autumn leaves can easily block these. Use a trowel to remove unwanted debris and leaves, take care and properly place your ladder when working at a height.

The house drains inspection covers should be easily accessible because you can then use them to check the flow of the drains regularly. Make sure that they are not hidden under a recently erected fence.

If your maintenance efforts have not helped and you have a blockage to your drains the following may be helpful to you.

Remove garden debris from the external drain grids so that rain or garden water does not wash leaves and moss down into the pipework causing extensive blocked drains.

Rinsing off the external drains using hot water and disinfectant should be a regular maintenance activity.

Plumbing and Drains in our homes can present us with problems without prior warning. Have you found yourself quickly checking the yellow pages because you have a blocked drain or leaking plumbing? Have you ever been looking for a plumber or drains contractor? Have you searched for chemical drains cleaner, costly plumbing tools or 24 hour emergency services?

Many small blockages and waste pipe cleansing tasks can be undertaken by the homeowner however the more deep seated plumbing and drains blockages can require specialist tools which are beyond the average diy tinkerer. At times like these you will realise that hiring a professional can effectively fix your blocked drains issues!

For business purposes, you can use a CCTV monitored blocked drains inspection service which performs checks on a regular basis. By doing all the above, you can easily keep a watch on the proper functioning of your drainage system, maintaining its structure, and you can identify the risks of unexpected blockages well before you face a blocked drains problem.

Why Do You Want a Drain Pipe Clearing Service?

The drain system may be greatly uncared for in lots of houses, it operates unseen and out of mind. The system is only noticed if there is a problem. Like other household systems, drainage pipes have to be kept clean so that they can operate at optimal conditions. Intake pipe work pose no issues as they transport only clean water. On the other hand, drainage pipes and sewers are a completely different situation. Transporting soiled water and solid matter leaves them prone to problems. Just reflect upon of all that goes into the drainage pipes and sewer systems. Clearing these pipes might need an industrial drain pipe clearing service from experts.

Waste drainage pipe work is hidden from the eyes but the consequences of failure would manifest itself all the way through the home. Considered one of the highest problem areas is the nasty scent of soiled pipes. Reeks from these pipes can leave your apartment smelling like a sewer. This offensive scent may transfer from room to room till it fills the complete household. An added worry is any germs, molds, or micro organism that soiled pipes might harbor. These miniature organisms are life-threatening health perils and might bring on a variety of sicknesses to your family. It is not only the dark waste water systems that can create health issues, think about your kitchen sink drain as well and the bugs in it. If you’re cooking, these germs may possibly go into the meals, contaminating the food. Thus, it is essential to keep your pipe work clean and well maintained.

You can maintain your drainage pipes easily, there are no moving parts after all and only an unobstructed flow of water is required. For regular drain cleaning maintenance there are the chemical substances marketed on Television, or those assuring cleaning products on the grocery store aisles.

Assistance for house proprietors.
  • Avoid meal remnants entering the drains pipe where in it might develop a clog.
  • Keep hair from your shower drains pipe with a grate or grill on the drain opening.
  • If you have PVC drain pipes do not decant warm liquids into them.
  • If in case you have an impeded drain a plunger ought to be the first thing you reach for.

After all, they are specifically developed to clean your drain pipes. Nonetheless, do not forget that these chemical compounds are exceedingly dangerous to the exposed skin or on ingestion. They may cause skin rashes on epidermis contact plus are very unsafe to the surroundings. You would not want to wipe out all those microbes, only to exchange it with equally dangerous chemical substances.

A natural alternative to maintain drains pipes clean is to make use of less hazardous choices you can typically discover in the kitchen like baking soda plus vinegar, or bleaching agent. These operate effectively to a particular level, and should be good enough if employed on a regular basis. And, they are very inexpensive and generally safe to employ.

The fallback method if you have a blockage, and regular maintenance has not worked, is to telephone your local plumber or drain pipe cleansing service. More than just the drain pipes, expert ervices may also cover different plumbing or piping systems as well. They can clean the drainage without applying environmentally hazardous chemical substances. The use of specialised tools, such as high power jet systems along with special lances, will leave your drain pipe squeaky clean.

Apart from cleansing drainage pipes, a professional drainage clearing service can also forewarn you of potential issues in your pipework – like a cracked pipe where debris may enter and subsequently infect your clean water. They can repair these leaky pipes with the tools they carry on their mobile vans.

While you may well clean and maintain the drain pipes your self, understand that a knowledgeable, expert drain cleaning service is still the very best means to maintain your plumbing system. Phone one now along and start to tackle the years of micro organism, and dirt accumulation.